Observation 1002372: CAS-4B (42759)

Regarding Observation 1002372 …my first observation.

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Very nice observation!

The waterfall took a long time to appear. I’m still waiting for the audio. Is this normal? (this system is way cool!)

It can be long depending on your upload data rate. You can check in your /tmp/.satnogs/data/ if the file is there.

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I don’t have a /tmp/.satnogs directory or a ~/.satnogs.

I think you should have, however if you get the waterfall, everything should be where it belongs.
Just how have you verified the /tmp/.satnogs? Try to do exactly “cd /tmp/.satnogs”

tony@Optiplex:~$ cd /tmp/.satnogs
bash: cd: /tmp/.satnogs: No such file or directory

tony@Optiplex:~$ locate .satnogs

Look on the right computer! I was looking on my PC box, not the RPi. Lots of stuff in /tmp/.satnogs