nSight1 last week in space

This seems to be the last week of nSight1 in space. It almost got to 3 years from a ISS launch which is extra ordinary. Last QB50 satellite launched from the ISS stil alive and working and up in space. If anybody can do a few last observations it will be good. Normally last days the TLE is far out so let us see who can get last meaningful telemetry packet! I will give anybody a $10 voucher (sorry my budget is small) for a beer for capturing the last meaningful packet. All the best and thanks


Yes! Being the last one before decay is a “Thing.” HI 73 GL

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@jjroux where is this image from?

By the way nothing in space-track.org about nSight-1 decay which is interesting. satview.org gives also a week more or less: http://www.satview.org/spacejunk.php?sat_id=42726U.

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Personally using its latest TLE until it deorbits I would say.

All of these are in UTC
Year 2020
Month 5
Day 6
Hour 1
Minute 32-ish