Notification of GS Issues

Ha, my favorite pet peeve - issue notification.

All users and schedulers, please notify GS owners if you see an issue with a particular GS. Don’t just go and mark the observation ‘Failed’ or ‘Bad’ especially if you see multiple in a row. The GS owner may not know there is an issue with their station. Let them know.

Due to whatever circumstances, not all owners can/will check GS’s everyday. Like I just saw my UHF GS down for 2 days and everything marked ‘Failed’ or ‘Bad’.

Let’s help each other out here.

This really needs to be implemented in software, like yesterday…


Guilty party here. Apologies for not notifying you.

Perhaps we can implement a feature where a station owner can choose to be notified if an observation is marked as failed by a user other than him/herself. For those station owners whose station is expected to only produce good or bad observations, failed observations would signal an actual failure that requires action.

I’ll submit a feature request to the network.