Not engaging Antenna rotator

Hi Guys

I just got a Yaesu G-5500 Az-El rotor and built a Arduino SimpleSat Rotor Controller. This rotator works very well when i use Antenna control test in gpredict and I can see debug data in the rotctld window on linux. I can also engage the rotator using the rotctl client.

The problem is that gpredict does not begin to track when any satelliates are in view. I have selected Autotrack and watched the rotcld terminal window, Gpredict does not even send data to engage the tracking… What could I be doing wrong. I have set my elevations in the rotator interface and all.

I am running Ubuntu 20.0.4 with Gpredict version 2.3-33-gca42d22-1.
rotctld -vvvvvv -m 601 -r /dev/ttyACM0

I have read the manual and looked at the logs on gpredict and all I see is:
2021/11/19 10:09:16|1|rot_ctrl_timeout_cb: MAX_ERROR_COUNT (5) reached. Disengaging device!
but no tcp data is being sent to rot_ctl.

Any help would be really appreaciated


If it helps this is my set up for the G-5500 and ERC-M But i’m running on a Pi4.
Try using 603 instead of 601 to check if it helps.


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Thanks. Yes Satnogs is next but I need to find out why gpredict does not talk to hamlib at all when a satellite is in view.