Not able to log-in anymore

I have been testing refinements in my tracker firmware to better fit the SatNOGS client implementation over the last few weeks. I was going to test a few minor timing changes and when I tried to schedule a satellite pass last night, I was asked to log in. But… I am unable to. I have been using the page to work from, then going to Ground Stations and then selecting my site and would then schedule a satellite pass. Did something change or did I inadvertently change something at my end to lock me out? - Will / N7IPY

Hey @N7IPY !

What response do you get from trying to login? Any message you are getting?

Not sure why, but I can log-in again. I could of been mistyping the password, but I had stored it and the user name in the browser and had not had this issue before. I will go back to testing this evening.

Just in case, login in satnogs network site needs to have a valid HTTP referer.

Some addons/extensions or settings in the browser could affect the HTTP referer with a result to not be allowed to login.

This can be easily tested by using another browser or with a clean profile (without addons/extensions).