Noobie to the satnogs platform

New to this but a general class ham is it possible to use a arduino instead of a pi and can you make these portable

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Yes and yes.

Arduino: librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-tiny · GitLab

Portable: if you move the station far you will have to update the station’s position, otherwise the timing and doppler correction will be off. Scheduling ahead of time will be affected. But except that you are free to move around.

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Just to add that both, satnogs-tiny and portable stations, need more development.

For satnogs-tiny as far as I know isn’t tested and development hasn’t any progress for some time now.

For the portable stations some of the code is there for updating the position of the station dynamically but it needs some extra code. However the implemented solution is simple, meaning that it doesn’t change observations dynamically when there is a new position for the station. This may change in the future.

PS the satnogs-client that runs in RPi can not run in an arduino. If you don’t have one and you can not get/find one, maybe you can try an old laptop or something.

Btw, the availability of Raspberry Pi has improved a bit in the last month or so. can be a good place to find resellers.