Noob question about omnidirectional antenna

Hi All,

Very new to this so apologies if you have answered this is in the past. In regards to omnidirectional antenna, is high gain or low gain better and is something like an outdoor omnidirectional satellite tv aerial or a 4g/3g/lte antenna work? I have both of these available so thought I would ask before buying or making something specific

The antenna is related to the frequency of the transmission you are looking to observe. In English this means that a VHF antenna is good for VHF and not so good for UHF, wifi or anything else. So if you are looking for a general antenna that is pretty handy for the usual satellites then either a VHF or UHF turnstile antenna is a popular choice.

These are good at looking up. Not excellent but good enough. This is the second part. Omnidirectional if you’re looking for satellites rather than omnidirectional if you are driving in your car and want to listen to a local radio station. This is a polarisation thing.

Also in general higher gain antennas tend to be more directional, probably not what you are after. Such as satellite tv antennas that fix themselves to one point in the sky

As you can see there isn’t a perfect antenna. Here’s another way of looking at it. What are you wanting to observe. VHF, UHF or something fancy?


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