Non-Traditional Rotator Use

I have a somewhat non-traditional need. I need to mount a camera on an anchored barge and regardless of tide and wind impacts on the barge (which will impact pitch and yaw), I need to keep the camera pointing in the same location. Although the barge may roll due to waves, that is not a concern for us. It seems like the rotator, rotator controller and some custom software on a RaspberryPI with the appropriate sensors (gps, compass and altitude) would do the job.

  1. Am I correct?
  2. Anyone aware of a more purposed solution (I can’t find one)
  3. I have never done 3D printing. What does it cost to get a rotator made? Does anyone make them under contract for sale?



Sounds like a cool project, however, I think you’ll have better luck with specially made hardware intended for this purpose. Look for Camera Gimbals:

For example:

There’s also DIY designs available online, for example: DIY Self Balancing Gyroscopic Camera Stabilizer - YouTube

Thanks for the quick response. Actually, working with a professional film production company on this and my first response to them was what is wrong with a camera gimbal. They told me it just won’t work. I think it is because they are using large gear (15 to 50lb cameras) and the cameras are neither attended or remote controlled. However, I will revisit. Also taking a look at this line of gear: