NOAA decoded image

I am a new user, using the network-dev instance. I have an observation
The decoded apt image was generated on my local system data folder. I could not see the image on the observation data tab. Do I need to make any settings change?
I am using client v0.3 0.4

I was referencing a similar page which had an partial apt image. link

Hi @Jferns,

this can happen when the SDR hardware suffers from overflows. What’s your current setup? (CPU, SDR)

@surligas know you are asking about which was from a different observer and I do not know what hardware was used there.

My setup and observation is at My question was more specific on why I cannot see the decoded image in the data tab. I had a reasonable decoded image for this observation in my data folder. I assumed this image would be automatically uploaded and visible on the data tab. I have tried version 0.41 of client also. I see automatically decoded APT images in my local ~/tmp/.satnogs/data folder after a NOAA pass.

I am on network-dev by the way.

I do see observation from other stations which show the decoded image in the data tab. see here
May be @pierros can point me on different setup he uses to decode the NOAA images and upload decoded image.

If you see the decoded data on your folder but I does not get uploaded, then they might be a naming issue that was resolved a couple of hours ago, in the gr-satnogs. I think that satnogs-client needs to adapt, if it is not already done.

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yes, there’s a merge request pending approval as we speak. Once it is approved you will need to be on branch 0 of satnogs-client to pick up the new code for uploading the APT images, in addition to the newer gr-satnogs.



@cshields I do not know if the PR is merged, I did a pull of satnogs 0 branch and I think there is some issue with decoded noaa file.
It was named “receiving_data_5996_2017-09-20T10-36-49.png.png” on my system. Notice the extra “.png” in the file name.
I also used the latest gr-satnogs.

@surligas can you remove fn.append(".png"); as well?

Yeap! Already merged on master.

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Works great. Thanks.