Noaa 19 help bad reception

despite a good passage from nooa 19, here is the image received where we see nothing. Is it due to a software setting or is something missing to load?

thank for your help


Good evening,

Do you have a waterfall, or more info (antenna, preamp, gain, software, obs number). Except very low gain, bad antenna or broken line, I do not think there is much to say with this picture.



this is my waterfall ; i havnt prempli , gain was at 43.6 , i increase at 49.6 after your reply, and software is satnogs (lest version i think ) , antenna is a vertical 3 bands at 10 m heigh, and line is ok …
thank for your help
73 Eric

I think that with this configuration, you should get something (station #444 is similar to your configuration, vertical antenna, no preamp, and is working).
You at least get birdies, so the SDR and USB are OK.
I would have tried with integral gain (-> 49) because I remember some potential issue with fractional gains but I saw that your other station is working well with fractional gain (may be worth a try though).
You may test switching the lines with your other working station if available.
What was the satellite in this observation and what kind of SDR do you have?
If you have a 3 band antenna, may be you can test with LUSAT too which has a very strong emitter.

with the gain at maximum this is le tatest Noaa 18 rx…not very nice:)

ok for Lusat i will and i test a fractionnal gain…rtlsdr is an “old key” i used 4 years ago for adsb…i noticed that key more new (NooEleccomm-Nesdr) havnt a good rx (but i used 13 on gain…i must make some news test with gain at max).
I could use too my 910 with tracking (and spend time in setup) but now in Europe we are lot of oms which build stations to Oscar 100 :). So ok i test i will back after my tests.
Merry Christmas 73 Eric

I think your results are coherent with your config. You could use a preamp and/or an antenna oriented toward the sky (Turnstile, QFH…) for better results.

ok, i have a ssb electronic preampli LNA5000 (50 mhz-5 ghz), does anybody use this with rtl sdr ? i am sure this lna will help réception. I must find a good setup with rf gain too.