No waterfall available after pass

My VHF station 568 works fine. My identical UHF station 724 shows no waterfall icon or waterfall after a satellite pass but shows an audio icon but there is no audio to show or hear. I have tested Antenna, LNA & RTL-SDR with Gqrx and it works.
I reinstalled the RPI image and went though all the satnogs-setup again after updating and upgrading the RPi.
I did remember to apply my changes before exiting satnogs-setup.
I don’t know how to diagnose this further or what logs to to post to help. I have been looking for a hardware fault for 5 days.
Where to now?
73 Bob vk2byf


If you haven’t tried, please reboot the rpi and check again if the issues still exists.

If you tried it, then you should check the logs with this command:
journalctl -u satnogs-client.service

You can also check them live by this command:
journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service

Let us know if you spotted any error.

Thanks fredy for your time and patience.

I have rebooted many times. Trouble is I don’t know what I’m looking at when I run
journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service But I can’t see “ERROR”

Putty terminal won’t let me cut and paste so I went to and cut and pasted from there maybe it will help you diagnose my problem. It all looks like it is working but no waterfall icon is returned after the observation. There is an audio icon but no audio.

I have a real API token where it shows xxxxxxxxx. I use the same API for station ID 568 and ID 724

15:29:02[INFO]: Status view initiated
15:29:02[INFO]: Received mode change: {"custom_cmd":{"mode":"network"}}
15:29:02[INFO]: Received mode change: {"custom_cmd":{"mode":"network"}}
15:29:35[INFO]: Get jobs started
15:29:35[DEBUG]: URL:
15:29:35[DEBUG]: Params: {'ground_station': 568}
15:29:35[DEBUG]: Headers: {'Authorization': 'Token xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'}
15:29:35[INFO]: Trying to GET observation jobs from the network
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 663107
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': 200.0, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'bxfwWfvm9UaXRvVfyhcjt6', u'end': u'2019-05-15T00:01:33Z', u'tle2': u'2 43770 97.7469 206.2115 0016289 93.5689 266.7395 14.94741029 24070', u'tle1': u'1 43770U 18099N 19133.88872635 .00000622 00000-0 62445-4 0 9997', u'tle0': u'FOX-1CLIFF (AO-95)', u'start': u'2019-05-14T23:57:29Z', u'frequency': 145920000, u'mode': u'DUV', u'id': 663107, u'ground_station': 568}
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 662959
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': 200.0, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'3rLGJWqj3XZ6Z8vADCRwiW', u'end': u'2019-05-14T23:43:56Z', u'tle2': u'2 43137 97.4897 201.7104 0010065 31.7872 328.3970 15.23387092 74046', u'tle1': u'1 43137U 18004AC 19133.83178324 .00001209 00000-0 53822-4 0 9990', u'tle0': u'FOX-1D (AO-92)', u'start': u'2019-05-14T23:40:18Z', u'frequency': 145880000, u'mode': u'DUV', u'id': 662959, u'ground_station': 568}
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 661539
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': 9600.0, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'EifSE4XNdP9LyoFNcbcNJo', u'end': u'2019-05-14T19:51:44Z', u'tle2': u'2 40912 97.4506 141.7618 0013243 301.1707 122.6617 15.19520568201885', u'tle1': u'1 40912U 15049P 19133.94277498 .00001447 00000-0 71227-4 0 9991', u'tle0': u'KAITUO 1B', u'start': u'2019-05-14T19:48:24Z', u'frequency': 145475000, u'mode': u'GMSK9k6', u'id': 661539, u'ground_station': 568}
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 662845
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': 200.0, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'KgazZMKEa74VnquqXLwAvD', u'end': u'2019-05-14T14:01:03Z', u'tle2': u'2 43017 97.7235 56.4933 0256824 275.5946 81.6030 14.78518596 79946', u'tle1': u'1 43017U 17073E 19133.72931430 .00000457 00000-0 41938-4 0 9994', u'tle0': u'RADFXSAT (FOX-1B)', u'start': u'2019-05-14T13:57:20Z', u'frequency': 145960000, u'mode': u'DUV', u'id': 662845, u'ground_station': 568}
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 663691
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': 1200.0, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'ZJxCeQmih9zDfYNVrB4wRN', u'end': u'2019-05-14T06:47:31Z', u'tle2': u'2 25544 51.6418 170.7294 0001366 350.6369 207.8166 15.52667407169958', u'tle1': u'1 25544U 98067A 19134.06881248 .00001701 00000-0 34568-4 0 9994', u'tle0': u'ISS (ZARYA)', u'start': u'2019-05-14T06:41:40Z', u'frequency': 145825000, u'mode': u'AFSK1k2', u'id': 663691, u'ground_station': 568}
15:29:36[INFO]: Adding new job: 663690
15:29:36[DEBUG]: Observation obj: {u'baud': None, 'origin': 'network', u'transmitter': u'kE4VaYKpnFmzEquEjKKi8D', u'end': u'2019-05-14T06:20:46Z', u'tle2': u'2 33591 99.1788 124.1743 0014908 116.9722 243.2973 14.12350629528599', u'tle1': u'1 33591U 09005A 19133.91356627 .00000093 00000-0 75765-4 0 9997', u'tle0': u'NOAA 19', u'start': u'2019-05-14T06:11:34Z', u'frequency': 137100000, u'mode': u'APT', u'id': 663690, u'ground_station': 568}

73 Bob vk2byf