No waterfall after passing satellite

Hello all,
I enclose my satnogs-setup to know what is not correct in this configuration.
My problem is that after the satellite has passed, I don’t see any trace of the waterfall. Why ?
I have one rtlsdr with Raspberry 3B.
Thank you for your help.
Jean Claude F6HDW

------------[ copy here ]------------
“versions”: {
“satnogs-client”: “1.3.1”,
“satnogs-client-ansible”: “202004031132”,
“satnogs-flowgraphs”: “1.1.1-1”,
“gr-satnogs”: “2.1.2-1”,
“gr-soapy”: “2.1.2-1”,
“gnuradio”: “”,
“satnogs-config”: “0.10.1”
“state”: {
“is-applied”: true,
“pending-tags”: null
“system”: {
“distribution”: {
“DESCRIPTION”: “Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)”,
“RELEASE”: “10”,
“CODENAME”: “buster”,
“ID”: “Raspbian”
“pending-updates”: false,
“platform”: {
“system”: “Linux”,
“node”: “raspberrypi”,
“release”: “4.19.97-v7+”,
“version”: “#1294 SMP Thu Jan 30 13:15:58 GMT 2020”,
“machine”: “armv7l”,
“processor”: “”
“memory”: {
“total”: 971059200,
“available”: 788377600,
“percent”: 18.8,
“used”: 120901632,
“free”: 498802688,
“active”: 208691200,
“inactive”: 199962624,
“buffers”: 20811776,
“cached”: 330543104,
“shared”: 6615040,
“slab”: 44085248
“disk”: {
“total”: 15351623680,
“used”: 3715588096,
“free”: 10964901888,
“percent”: 25.3
“configuration”: {
“satnogs_antenna”: “VHF vertical”,
“satnogs_api_token”: “[redacted]”,
“satnogs_ppm_error”: “42”,
“satnogs_rf_gain”: “28.0”,
“satnogs_rx_samp_rate”: “2048e6”,
“satnogs_soapy_rx_device”: “driver=rtlsdr”,
“satnogs_station_elev”: “612”,
“satnogs_station_id”: “120”,
“satnogs_station_lat”: “42.817”,
“satnogs_station_lon”: “1.584”
------------[ copy end ]-------------

Please follow the Setup instructions carefully:

I can see at least two values that are wrong with your setup:

  • satnogs_antenna (where did you get the VHF vertical from?)
  • satnogs_rx_samp_rate (that’s Gigabits right there… probably you meant 2.048e6)

Hello Pierros,
thank’s for your answer.
I have corrected these two errors. The point was too small for my tired eyes Hi…
I will try to schedule a satellite to see if everything is ok.
Jean Claude F6HDW

Hello Pierros,
it work now ! I am happy.
Thank’s very much.
Jean Claude F6HDW


That’s a pretty large error. Is this a genuine V3 RTL-SDR or a fake?
All 3 of mine are within 1 or 2 ppm

The genuine ones have 2 screws holding the end plate on the case and a nut on the coax connector. the fakes have 4 screws and no nut. This won’t stop it from working if ppm has been set correctly so you have other problems I don’t understand.