No pass predictions at all

Hi all,

I have a new station working (1945 in testing mode), but I try to calculate future passes and I get a “0 passes found” message. Some idea on what’s going on?


Try going online (out of testing) and calculate passes from your station home page.

No luck. Also tried with auto-scheduler but finds no passes.

I see that. I looked at the web request for getting passes and there is no error; it replies with an empty array. I guess you are just special! :smile:

Hopefully one of the key people will see this and respond; if you ask in the Riot chat channel it might get someone’s attention sooner. Good luck.

Here is the link.

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Solved. The issue was that the antenna was missing. I thought that the type of antenna was only an informative data but it seems that, according to PE0SAT, is mandatory because the station needs to know what signals it can receive so the antenna definition is the variable that is used.

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This is due to the fact that we need to filter the transmitters (of the satellites) based on antennas available on the ground station, to provide with scheduling options that make sense for a given station.

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Thanks for the clarification, Pierros.