No log/supervisor directory & error.log

I installed the satnogs client on my Raspberry Pi 3, model b, using noobs_v3_0_0, did the updates, and my dashboard says I’m being seen. I’ve run the rtl tests and get the audio and waterfall files, but nothing is uploaded except for a very small burp of an audio file approximately 5 kb is size.

When I looked for the error log the supervisor sub-directory was missing and I can’t find where the error log is being written. Should it be somewhere other than /var/log/supervisor/ ?

Since I’m a complete newbie with Linux I’m wondering if my client install has a basic problem.


Hey @W7KKE !

Is there any particular reason you didn’t use our ready made RaspberryPi3 image? As far as I can tell noobs OS is modified/chopped version of Rasbian so you might be missing some configuration or tools.

No. Guess I’ll reformat the SD card and do a fresh install of everything.

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I flashed a card with the SatNOGS RaspberryPi3 image and now can upload my waterfall and audio files - success!

However, still no supervisor subdirectory under /var/log/. There were a few errors during the pass start while I watched the satnogs-client.service, but guess they were non-fatal as the files were uploaded.