No Ground Station available

Hello - I took a working vhf station offline a few days ago as my uplink speed is not fast enough for the periodic ogg uploads, nothing else is usable with our internet while that is happening.

Anyway, a good day to play with the steerable UHF rig (been terribly rainy here this summer) and getting frustrated in not being able to schedule observations? Not clear what is wrong - the station is online polling, network mode, UHF antenna, tried going back to vhf, created a new ground station - nothing lets me schedule an observation :\ I see some new updates in place, like max elevation - that is pretty cool addition.

Ground station online, UHF antenna:

Try to schedule something over an hour from now:

Actually I see the problem in the above screenshot - altho I pick a pass that should take place 4 hours from now:

If I click, like I had been, on the satellite link (42717-SPACECUBE), then schedule a new obs in the pop up window, the time is only 5 minutes from now:

But if I just click on the easy button on the right it works - problem solved.

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