No contact with

My Raspberry Pi-based ground station went down about 4 months ago. I finally got around attempt to get it going again. In the mean time came the switch to SoapySDR, so I was starting from scratch again in terms of configuring the Pi. I’ve gotten through what I thought should be the correct configuration, but my station page says my station is offline and hasn’t been seen for 4 months. I also notice that my station doesn’t appear on the map anymore–not under any status.

So I’m wondering if my original API key and station ID are still valid? Do they “expire” after a period of inactivity or do l still just have something misconfigured?

This was the second time the station quit working. Both times the Pi hardware turned out to be ok, but the SD card no longer booted. Can anybody suggest a reason that happened and what I can do to prevent it happening again.

Thanks in advance and hope to be observing again soon.

Larry K8MU

Apparently it was my configuration. I started again with another SD card and I’m talking to the network and making observations. Next on the agenda is a better antenna.

Larry K8MU