NO-84 (no, really...)

Didn’t this one come down about three months ago? Or is it another daylight-savings artifact?

GL 73


looking at valid data frames, the last one for NO-84 looks to be from Dec 2021

Any SatNOGS observation rated as Good after that is random noise.

Found this that supports your inquiry regarding a pending orbital decay of NO-84

and the confirmation:

As a small Cubesat, it provided over 6 years of service to the Amateur Radio Community. The Orbit decayed with the last dowlink of the PSK31 transponmder recorded on 22 Dec 2021 at 14:40 UTC.

An update to SatNOGS DB for NO-84 has been ‘suggested’ to list it as ‘inactive’.


Suggestion has been approved. A new one has been also made to move the date of decay from description to the related field and also to add in citation field a link to the thread here.