Next observation hotkey

It would be useful for faster classification process if there was a next observation hotkey like “n” which would take user to next observation with status unknown and waterfall page - this would speed up classification process.

User could go ngngngngnb rapidly.


There is a related issue in satnogs-network repository, which unfortunately hasn’t been implemented for a long time, however is still remain relevant and it would be a nice feature to implement in combination with other issues.

Yup, however constrains there are somewhat too strict in my opinion - it would be sufficient to just bring me to my next unclassified observation which would be basically iterating over collection from:

I wonder if there is a valid use case for another classification type similiar to Unknown, like “Not sure” where human looked at waterfall at has no idea whether it has signal or not - this would be a nice flag to filter on for more advanced users to iterate over to help new users.


“Not sure” would also be a good label for ML/AI classification training.

@mfalkvidd my thoughts exactly. This also should not be a breaking change, without looking at the db structure - I’d say that this is probably stored in one column as an enumeration so it would be adding another option and propagating it up to the UI.

As I have it in my mind the concept will be to create a search/filtered view in observations page and keep it in mind for next-previous buttons.

I think that Unknown status covers the “Not Sure” situation, if you are not sure how to vet something, don’t vet it. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, the plan is to allow vetting for multiple users/sources, so this will allow to have a status which could have a percentage of certainty.