Newbies Help error 404 bad link

Good Evening
its my first post. I want to run station From South of France jn23wb on raspi but i notice a prob after send cmd journalctl -u satnogs-client.service error 404 client error not found url :
Anybody can help me ? thank in advance


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You must be having some error on your configuration. Run satnogs-setup and select Show. Then, paste it here. Make sure you remove the API key before sharing on the forum.

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Capturesatnog this is my capture

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The latitude and longitude seem weird. They are missing the decimal points. Is it possible that you somehow accidentally pasted an invalid character along with those values?

Try resetting the configuration (menu item Reset) and reconfiguring.

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should you put decimals with a , or a point? :slight_smile:

after reset…

It should be . (dot).

Can you also run this command:


and see if you get any error code.


thank for your help , seems a prob with ssl certificats

That’s interesting…

Could you check that your clock is right by running date command.

date seems ok

an other tip/idea ?

update : just i modify password and reboot , client seems ok , no errors messages…wait few hours …

update 2 : i reinstall soft morning and now all seems ok …thank for help

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