Newbie wants to build a V2 ground station

Question to the group- about 3 years ago, I downloaded all the stl files to build (what is now called) the V2 SatNOGS station. I got these 3D printed at the university,so I have these parts. Then I got real busy, and did not have the time to proceed; but now I can. I am hoping I can still build a station using these parts. I guess best practice would be to start over with V3, but the university has started charging $15 per part to 3D print, and it appears I would be looking at several hundred dollars just for the printed parts… and commercial 3D printing places I have checked want almost double that. So, I hope to proceed using V2. (If this is pure folly, please advise me.)

I have some questions though…

  • I have not found any place where the bill of materials for the station (rotator, controller) is all in one place. Does this exist and I am just missing it? As I recall, there was a very good step-by-step manual on the build, but now what I find seems to be very abbreviated and assumes you have a deep knowledge of the project.
  • Are there a lot of V2 things that have been discontinued (such as some of the electronics)?
  • Is the firmware for V2 still available?

Your advice will be much appreciated… Bill, AB4EJ

Hi Bill
What you mine with V2, rotator or PCB?

Post some picture of your 3d parts to see what kind of rotor you have.
In any case in Satnogs Gitlab you can find all version firmware and 3D parts


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Massimiliano - I think you did not understand my question. I know that I have V2 parts (see photo). Here are my questions:

  • Is there a complete list of all the parts I need for the rotator and PCB?
  • Are all these parts still available from the manufacturers?


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You can use v2.2 rotator controller and firmware with v2 hardware.

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Hello.I understood what you asked, but what I meant to ask you is that 3D prints you had to check what you can put.
With the 3D parts you have you can make a rotor with stepper motor Nema 17 (if possible look for those from 59Nm)

You can also use both version 1.1 or version 2 PCBs
The 1.1 version can be powered to 12 v and does not mount smd components and is easier to make, while the latest version mounts smd components and is compatible for both DC motor and stepper motor, but for the rotor version you want to make the 1.1 version of the pcb is fine.
You must actually make the pcb and order
1 arduino pro micro
2 A4988 stepper drivers
2 capacitors of 100 Uf at least 35v
2 100k resistors and nothing else seems to me
2 opto endstop (3d print version)
The gerber file of the pcb can be found on the net also looking for satnogs v 1.2 pcb and you can have it made by many companies in the world.
I use it from

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Hey, i add more details about v2 rotator in wiki page. Feel free to add more!!