Newbie SatNOGS Rotator controller PCB Board Order

Hello All,

I am a teacher and looking for my students to build the ground station be part of the SatNog community. I followed the instructions on the wiki, when i dragged the satnogs_controller.kicad_pcb file into OSH park, says the upload as failed processing. Has someone already order from there and is there a shared one that can be re ordered? Or even better how and where i can get a company to build the rotator controller version two?
Also i tried opening the file from github…

and when i installed kicad, and try opening the kicad_pcb file, says kicad is an older version. i am trying to update it, so i can open and try then make into a graber file. Thanks for you help

Hello @gpawar ! I will create a new public project on OSHPark and post the link so you can order it. Hold on!

Thank you Pierros for doing this

OK this would be the link for the v2.2 of the rotator controller:

I have updated the wiki to reflect that too.
Be sure to check the wiki for assembly instructions of the rotator controller!

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There’s also one on dirty pcbs as well

I added this link to the wiki too. Thanks @g7kse !

Any chance of also pushing the encoder PCB to OSHPark?

The link for OSHPark - rotary encoder.

Also we updated the link in wiki and we separated the two repositories of rotator controller and rotator controller encoder.

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