[Newbie] Observation 3951453: SARAL (39086)

Regarding Observation 3951453

Hello !

I’m new…
My Station is in test.

I wanted to have your opinion on this first capture.

Is it normal for the signal to curve?
(I thought it had to be vertical)
Do I have to change anything in the settings of SatNogs?
(Currently I have just modified the RfGain = 39 for the RTL-SDR receiver)

Thanks for your help

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Salut Vincent,
Regarding Observation 3927642

Ce ne dois pas être SARAL sur votre passage, il y a plusieurs satellites sur cette fréquence comme METOP-A, METOP-B et METOP-C.

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As @michel said, this is not SARAL but another satellite that transmits at the same frequency. Specifically this is METOP-A.

From the rest of the observations, the only issue I spotted is that your SDR device drifts(usually due to its temperature), so the center frequency is moved some KHz away.

You can fix this by calculating this drift and add the necessary value into the ppm parameter SATNOGS_PPM_ERROR . For finding the right value, follow one of the methods described in this wiki article.

@michel :
Bonjour Michel. Merci à toi ! Cela explique la dérive (on n’est pas très loin l’un de l’autre) :wink:
[Hello Michel. Thanks to you ! This explains the drift]

@fredy : Hello !
Thank you for your analysis on my data. It’s nice to have watched.
I started applying this part of the wiki late last night.
I encountered errors in the installation with the make command.

I’m trying to look at it more precisely tonight.
I will do a new post on this topic if I can’t find the error