Newbie: Download Link and Instructions for Windows Laptop?

Off to a bit of a bumpy start. The download link does not make any mention of Windows. Is there someone that can help this Newbie get this program on his lap top ? Thanks.

What are trying to get, SatNogs client? If yes, it is only available for linux, and written to run on Raspian. Others have had luck getting it to run on other flavors of Debian with some tinkering, though.


[edit] oops, just notice the “GPredict” sub-header. Ignore above. I know there are support issues with Windows GPredict. Again, it was written for linux specifically, and the windows port was a side project.

If you follow the download link, there is a package called, which is the windows package. Unpack it and double click on the gpredict executable.

As @K3RLD pointed out, gpredict was written for Linux, which remains the primary target.