Newbi help required

Hi all, this is my first post so I hope I’m in the right place.
My question is, how to I schedule my own observarions ?
So far i can create my own observations on my station and that of others but if i go to the schedule observations page and select the satelitte along with transmitter , below those entries is the stations box , so i select deselect all and try to enter 3347 (my station) it says No Results Matched. Any help appreciated, thanks.

Hi, first thing that comes to mind, did you set the right location for your station ?

Hi. Yes I am sure the location is correct, my station shows on the map in the correct place. I can select other stations for a scheduled observation but not my own.
Thanks for your reply.

Roger. You know the default is set to the next 10 minutes when scheduling ? If I set geoscan edelveis and the end time 2 days ahead I can schedule (and i did…) 4 passes on station 3347

Where is station 3347 ?

Okay, I need to confirm if my station is still in the testing mode or the Live mode ! I have a sneaky suspicion its in the testing mode. Question is how to change its status ??

The station is on the Welsh border between England and Wales

Edit your station, under “settings”

My station in testing mode

Its strange, it was not in testing mode will need to look into it in detail layer today.

As you can see it does not recognise station 3347

Ah haaa, in order for it to work I had to add another antenna which would cover the NOAA frequency… I was trying to ask my station to receive a signal for which it knew there was no antenna covering the lower frequency.