New user here, hoping to get control of my station back :-)


My name is Rob (PA1HUN) and yesterday I’ve set up my simple station with a Raspberry Pi and RTLSDR. I’m enjoying getting to know how this all works.
I do have a question though. I’d hoped to schedule some passes today however my log is full of jobs that have been scheduled by one particular user, to the extent that there is so much overlap I can’t create jobs for the passes I’m interested in. I understand the nature of what this project is hoping to achieve but it feels a bit like a Denial of Service attack, particularly as I’m a new user trying to learn how everything works!

Is there anything I can do to limit the amount of jobs created by other users?

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Hallo Rob,

The passes were scheduled by Dimitris Papadeas, who is one of the SatNOGS developers that is in charge of scheduling observations on all SatNOGS stations.

There’s a few solutions:

  1. Add a note on your station page on how much you’d like your station to be used. People generally will respect this.
  2. Put your station back into testing mode, this should only allow you and SatNOGS admins to schedule passes on your station.
  3. Schedule the passes you’re interested in further into the future.


Thanks for the reply and helpful advice. Would the ‘target utilization’ setting be of use to show how much reserve capacity I have?


The target utilization is a field which is currently not yet in use. This will be used for autoscheduling observations in the future.

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Hey Rob, as a station owner don’t hesitate to delete any scheduled observations that get in the way of observations you would like to make.

Welcome to SatNOGS and thanks for contributing!


Could someone please post the link in the documentation that shows how to delete jobs scheduled by someone other than myself? Looking at the list on my own client none of the scheduled jobs are ‘clickable’. On the pass predictions page at don’t see a options to remove jobs either.

Click on the light blue observation number of the pass you want to delete, and then press the little red “garbage can” button at the top right. You will have to confirm the deletion (which is a very big problem if you have many observations to delete).


Thank you very much Roy! All done :slight_smile:

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