New UHF antenna direction for station 858 Stockholm/Sweden - but where?

Hello all,
my current UHF antenna setup for station 858 in Stockholm/Sweden is far from optimal. I have a very bad QTH for UHF and I have tried several types of omnidirectional antennas for UHF without any success.

At the moment I have two stacked Yagis (H polarization) at two different directions - this only gives decodes from the strongest UHF downlinks.

My plan is to convert the yagis to circular polarization and point it to one direction.
My question to the community is - where should I point the antennas, to the south, west or to the east? (North is not an option because of large hills).

  • East
  • West
  • South

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/Lars Thunberg SM0TGU

How about North? Perfect for polar orbits.


How about South? Perfect for also catching orbits with low inclination angle.

I’ve changed the poll and added South as an option. North is not an option because of large hills.

Hi Lars,

Could do some tests for a few days aiming at the zenith.



Yes that would be interesting.

So far all votes is for pointing the antennas south…
More votes?

I’m the same as you, Lars @SM0TGU . Although my blind area is 215’ thru 020’, for the same geological intruders.
I’d try both South and Zenith and choose the better for your own particular purpose.
Each have their benefits, dependent upon which satellites you’re tracking.
I’m hoping to acquire and install an EL/AZ rotator in the spring with a pair of VHF/UHF crossed dipoles. May even stretch to a quad setup.
Happy hunting and good SatNOGS.

Thank you @m0roj
My SatNOGS station is active to support the community with a station in Sweden, so the community will decide the antenna direction :slight_smile: Now it seems it will be to the south.

South - Antennas used for satellite tracking

So, I have now turn the UHF Yagis to the south. Yes I know the stacking distance is not optimal…
Feel free to schedule observations!