New sattelites: Howto put in db?


There seems to be three new sats in space t’day. How to put them into the database?

I know there’ve to be new TLE at first…

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Coping from my message in irc/matrix:

  • Three new cubesats have been added to db and are ready for scheduling in network. 99997 IRAZU, 99998 UBAKUSAT, 99999 1KUNS. If you are going to schedule them please do after 10:00 UTC

  • tle are taken from ISS and fixed to match tle checksum

PS there is a confusion about UBAKUSAT’s CW frequency, some say it is 427.225 MHz and some 437.225 MHz. I have chosen the latter as it is the same one that TURKSAT have used in the past and as UBAKUSAT is based on it I think that was the right choice. If there is any update I let you know here, until then I suggest we avoid scheduling on this transmitter.

May I say thank you?! :grimacing:

:smiley: I didn’t answer your question though.

For new satellites in db and for changing their details like description/norad id etc… you need for now to open a thread here.

For new transmitters for a satellite in db you can go to and suggest one. It will be reviewed as soon as possible and if everything is correct will be accepted, if not then we will contact you.

That’s the reason I wrote:


Now I say: Thank you :slight_smile:

According to amsat bb list thread there was a typo, so the right one is 437.225 MHz.


I changed the transponder from FM to USB as it is a linear transponder.