New satnogs setup.client

Hi everyone
I am looking for some direction. Have a raspberry pi 3b, have flashed latest image to card and followed instructions on the wiki page ran updates but when get to the point to run
sudo satnogs-setup
I get command not found .
Any help would be much appreciated
Many thanks Daniel

Hi @ei4hnb and welcome to the community!

Are you connected to the RPi through ssh or with screen? Does/Did sudo raspi-config work for you?

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Hi @fredy yea the sudo rasp config worked have it connected to network I have seen and keyboard connected

That’s very strange, the image has installed the satnogs-client service and the satnogs-setup configuration tool.

Could you describe exactly what you did step by step? What image did you flashed and what commands did you run?

I replaced sd card and followed setup instructions up and running now,

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Nice work! Thanks for reporting back.