New Satnogs member

Hello to the group

I just joined you hoping to count on your help if ever …

I finished building the rotator and started the control circuit.

I hope to do some tests next week.

I will have the antenna to build to join the network I think in September.

Sorry for my English Google!!





good evening everyone

I finished assembling the rotator and the control board. Everything works perfectly and I can order it from the FTDI console and card.

I would like now to be able to order it in RS232, I followed the instructions in the wiki unfortunately the communication does not work.

Can you help me? What is the port configuration on PC 19200 8/1 / n?

Should the program be modified?




These are the available communications with board according to wiki:

  • UART
  • RS485

If you want to use RS232 you must use an adapter.

As defined in easycomm3 protocol:

.serial_rate_min = 9600,
.serial_rate_max = 19200,
.serial_data_bits = 8,
.serial_stop_bits = 1,

Also do the pre-flight check and then the trouble shooting.

Normally not.


Thank you for the info.

The link works in RS232 with David Taylor’s wxtrack program.

I can not make it work by sending orders manually but I think it is an error on my part on the syntax (ASCII, Hexa …)

I will not look too much longer, I will realize as soon as possible the configuration of the Raspberry.

For the moment I have “grilled” an engine interface by plugging it upside down.:fâché:fâché: