New Satnogs install

I’m trying to setup Satnogs under Debian 11 (Bullseye) on a little i5 portable computer. Trying to determine the correct installation process is a bit confusing.

The wiki for installing on Linux desktop looks deprecated, but there is also a satnogs-client Ansible. I’m assuming this is the preferred method these days? Also, do I need to create a dedicated “satnogs” user or can I just use my account on the machine to run it?

Welcome @jrsphoto

The Ansible method is the way to go although there is a relatively new dockerized container version as well.

A basic username of your choice should be used during the installation process. That is, don’t create a ‘satnogs’ user, it will be created automatically.


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Thanks, Scott. Looks like I got things configured and connected. It doesn’t look like the “sysctl status satnogs-client” command work, also I don’t see any logs in /var/log/ related to satnogs. I need to spend some time learning how things work here it seems. I’ve got a rotator project in the works too.

I know this install is a bit outdated but should be helpful for installing it on Debian bullseye

Basically if you make sure you install ansible from there repository all should be fine.

Let me know if you run into some issues.

Jan - PE0SAT

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