New Satnogs Fixed Station Up

So I’ve been messing around with the 3.1 rotator build for awhile. Still a work in progress, I need to replace the PVC I used with Aluminum tubing and get a better tripod that won’t tip over (unfortunate accident)

In the meantime, I put up a fixed stations, feel free to test it out and see how it runs.

Basically it’s just a VHF QFH Antenna plugged into a LNA then going into the RTL-SDRv3 dongle into a Raspberry Pi3

Let me know if there’s any tweaks you think I should make.

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I see that you use the highest gain of rtlsdr, have you tried lower gains? I think that you will see better results, in terms of SNR if you decrease the gain.

For example it seems that you get FOX satellites well but there isn’t any decoded frames on the observations, maybe lowering the gain will help decoding.

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It’s a SDRv3, I had it set to 49.6, set it to 22.9 let’s see what that does. Got any other recommendations?

Here’s what things look like after I changed to 22.9

And this one

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I think it is much better, check you can see that NOAA decoding is with less noise. Let’s wait for a couple more observations, like the UNISAT-6 and TIGRISAT ones.

Is there any specific reason for having minimum horizon of your station set at 29 degrees? I suggest you set it at 0 to see how your antenna works and then set accordingly, except if you already have tested it that. :slight_smile:

Changed to 0 :wink: Not sure why I had it set to that

1 Like has decoded data… I guess you need to do some more tests with the gain to find the best one. As waterfalls are dynamic you need to have in mind that the power scale at the right.

So i put my station back in testing mode. It quit uploading looks like. Have a bunch on unverified without any waterfalls however station still shows online.

Any way to check and see whats going on or to kick start things again? I havent restarted yet.

There is a trouble shooting section on the wiki;
I/We are trying to add to it as much as we can, so keep a mental or physical note of what you find and do and be sure and let us know.

You have already done the first thing correctly, not rebooting.
You have already done the second thing correctly, putting your station in testing mode.
Hit up the wiki and see what other things you can find out to get your station back up.