New satellites: Soyuz launch with UWE-4, ZACUBE 2, D-Star One, etc

A Russian Soyuz will launch Kanopus-V 5 & 6 into Sun synchronous orbit. Also onboard are a few cubesats, see here and here.

An approximate TLE for the planned orbit, assuming the launch occurs at the scheduled time of 2018-12-27T02:07:00, is the following:

1 74001U 18861A   18361.08819444  .00000000  00000-0  50000-4 0    05
2 74001  97.7200 266.0000 0001436   0.0000  35.0000 14.94155472    07

Three satellites and their transmitters have been added into db with temporary norad ids:

99950 - D-Star ONE Sparrow
IARU Frequency coordination:
Although this coordination happened for the the D-Star ONE Phoenix, not sure if there was any update for D-Star ONE Sparrow that is not published in IARU site.
The frequencies that will be used are the same, more at

99951 - UWE-4
IARU Frequency coordination:
One of the most complete pages and descriptions of cubesat satellites,

99952 - ZACUBE-2
IARU Frequency coordination:
The coordination was agreed 7.5 years ago, so I’m not sure if the transmitter frequencies are still valid. Also transmitters details were based on this page which says that the last update was in 2016.

There is also D-Star ONE iSat according to but I didn’t manage to find any info about it.

I’m going to add the TLE above to all of them and schedule observations.

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Observations are scheduled!

Streaming (starts at 1:00 UTC, launch at 2:04 UTC) of the launch is available at:

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We’re about 12 hours after launch and can conclude the following:

  1. D-Star One is active on 435.700MHz. Both Sparrow and iSat are transmitting at this frequency (source). Best TLE is 43879.
  2. UWE-4 is transmitting at 437.385MHz, but the signal seems to use a very wide bandwidth.
  3. ZACUBE-2 should be transmitting at 437.345MHz but has not yet been seen.
  4. An unknown transmitter is active on 437.060MHz, best described by TLE 43897.

LUME-1 was also on this launch. Looking at a tweet from them, I think we might have found our mystery sat:
(If you squint, you can just about read the frequency on the GQRX display).


According to this tweet zacube-2 uses commercial frequencies, so I’ve disabled all the transmitters of it in db.

So that’s a thing.

Using ikhnos some results:

LUME-1: 43908 (used this for network) or 43907
UWE-4: 43879-43890 (used 43882 for network)
D-Star One Sparrow: 43879-43890 (used 43885 for network)


26 cubesats

Non co-ordinated LUME-1(at 437.060MHz) interferes with Tanusha-3 (AFSK1k2 at 437.050MHz):

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Seems Tanusha-3 isnt co-ordinated either

Actually many Sats we have seem to not be co-ordinated

After some calculations here are my latest assignments of norad ids (accuracy percentage in parenthesis):

LUME-1: 43907 or 43908 (selected for network)
UWE-4: 43880 (almost sure need confirmation from calculations with more accuracy)
D-stars -> depending who is who… not sure without decoding:
D-Star ONE Sparrow: 43879 (selected for network) or 43881
D-Star ONE iSat: 43879 or 43881(selected for network)

Indeed thanks for mentioning it. In the same frequency there are a couple more satellites. Let’s check in the future if we are going to have interference.