New satellites identified in pick list

Any way to make the newest satellites obvious in the satalite pick list? Ie put them at the top? Font? lunch date? filter on list? It’s fun to try and find the newbies Also I do remember a list by Fredy? Of the top received stations I think? Any way to have a list of top, bottom, new, etc to make picking easier. I was looking for ops-sat to add


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OPS-SAT hasn’t been launched yet :slight_smile:

It is perhaps a good idea however - highlighting the last few launches worth of sats. However, they are usually obvious in that they are either at the bottom, or near the bottom of the list.

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Hi vk5qi Mark ?
Thanks for the info wasn’t sure how the numbers and naming convention worked. Will look at the bottom of the list. Also yes it’s the 17th i think ops sat goes up… been alot of social media about it