New Satellite tracking software for macOS

There is a new Satellite prediction application for macOS.
For those who are interested:

73, Sebastian


I was unable to find a license for this. Since it is in the Apple store, I presume it is NOT libre. Is that correct, or is it available under a libre license?

Correct. In contrast to i.e. open source software like Gpredict, software from the App Store is not.

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Please note this only works with MacOS 12 (Monterey) or later.

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I got a copy and it runs great on my MacBook Pro, Retina, early 2015 running Monterey 12.6

I am hoping to talk to Frederik to add an option to get TLEs from N2YO because that gets most of the “off the books” satellites.

Astronomer, C++ etc

This software looks counterproductive for the mission of the Libre Space Foundation:

Our Mission is to promote, advance and develop libre (free and open source) technologies and knowledge for space.

LIBRE Space Foundation at libre dot space.

Libre is often used with “Free Software” and “Open Source”. More info here:

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