New Satellite Suggestion: ACRUX-1 - launch on 29th June at 4:30UTC

Launch is postpoponed for the next window starting at 2019-06-29 4:30 UTC

Latest TLE from

1 99999U 18001A   19180.22247685  .00000000  00000-0  40148-2 0    68
2 99999  45.0237 289.3095 0014040 260.8773 155.5210 15.39805221    01

Observations for the first 5h are scheduled, if the launch doesn’t get postponed again more observations will be scheduled.

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The launch was on time, more observations of ACRUX-1 for the next 24h have been scheduled.

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Acrux-1 was received, however not consistently, we’ll keep watching.

The are post-launch TLE:

1 99998U 18001A   19180.22396991  .00000000  00000-0  38994-2 0    13
2 99998  45.0092 289.1016 0011360 272.6068 154.6569 15.37628226    03

Decodes and some data plots can be found here:

Data is decoded from a nice observation from @vk5qi!

I have just added a decoder for ACRUX-1 to satnogs-decoders - a dashboard will follow as soon as there is a fixed NORAD ID available and people start transmitting data (either via SiDS or via SatNOGS network) for it!

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From latest good observations ACRUX-1 is one of 44369-44371, changed to follow 44370 in network

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I’ve processed a IQ file for with direwolf.

The packets can be found here :

IQ file (complex, 48k) is here


There was a request on IRC #cubesat channel for trying to receive the satellite PAINANI-1. The person that requested that said that this satellite was in this launch.

It’s not coordinated by IARU but it has a request for coordination. I’ve added it into the DB and I’m going to schedule a couple of observations to test if it is a valid case, as there isn’t any other reference on this satellite or that it was in this rocket.

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I can confirm that the packets received in observation #783079 ( were decoded using the FSK flowgraph, not the MSK one. I had intentionally changed my file to force the use of the FSK flowgraph to see if it would work - and it does.

So it might be worth changing the modulation type to FSK9k6.


Also, I’m pretty sure object 44369 fits best to ACRUX-1 at the moment:

Nothing sighted on 437.475 MHz from PAINANI-1 on any of my STRF observations.


ACRUX-1 changed to follow 44369 in network, also we have changed temporarily the decoder to GFSK, in order to be able to decode, as GMSK decoder doesn’t work very well.

@DL4PD has set up dashboard for ACRUX-1.



There is a small chance we have a beacon of ACRUX-1 in this observation:

However two other stations at the same period didn’t get anything. The difference between station #232 and the other two is that #232 has directional yagi antenna instead of omni ones on the other two.

I did notice that, and wasn’t sure if it was ACRUX or not… hard to tell without a valid decode.

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There are some news about ACRUX-1… it seems that it was alive earlier today:

I’ve scheduled a couple of observations for the next 48h, thanks @PE0SAT for letting us know in Matrix Chat.

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@vk5qi has added a new trasmitter for ACRUX-1 at 437.425MHz as this is the frequency that the observation above was performed at. Also from @vk5qi strf observation it looks like that at this frequency there is an object follows 44369 TLE and transmitting:

So, I’ve changed all the scheduled observations to the new transmitter/frequency and now waiting to see. :slight_smile:

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We have a confirmation of the previous observations from which decoded with direwolf shows that the object at 437.425 MHz that follows NORAD ID 44369 is ACRUX-1.

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From irc/matrix the change of frequency happened as it is the factory frequency setting of Astrodev Lithium-1 radio. There will be attempts from the team to move the frequency to the coordinated one. Until then we continue to observe it at 437.425MHz and get decoded data on the dashboard.

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Looks like it’s gone silent again. Have had a look around 437 MHz using STRF during some passes with nothing observed…

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They still should get prepared for the next time it returns alive. A well prepared command sequence might be successfull!