New Satellite & SSTV Art Project

Hi all! I’d like to tell you about a new experimental art project I’m working on - with the generous support of @sa2kng and @jebba. It directly involves the SatNOGS network and if you’d like to take part that would be really cool.

The project uses SSTV transmitted via a satellite as a way to generate and distribute new images. It’s also a kind of networked performance with the satellite.

Over the next few months I’ll be providing a series of images which @sa2kng will transmit as SSTV during selected passes. We’ll announce the transmissions in advance and anyone interested can take part by scheduling an observation and receiving the transmitted images. Demodulation instructions are here.

Each received image will be a unique artwork. The noise and glitches acquired during transmission form a visible record of the image’s amazing journey.

The project and received images will be exhibited as part of a major UK solo show of my artwork in summer 2023.

More info soon, any thoughts/questions I’d love to hear from you :satellite: :artificial_satellite:


Which satellite? I’m always love SSTV on satellites =D

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We have been using RS-44 for testing :slight_smile:

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Okay… just make sure you don’t work the FM sats or… eh… a lot of people will be mad!

Can I participate in the tests? I’m very interested in images over voice.


Where do you plan to announce transmissions ? I’ll be glad to try on my side.


@jupitersaturn09 @f5rjv Yeah that would be great to have you take part! I’ll post details of upcoming transmissions into this channel and I think @Nikoletta will be making some announcements on social media too

I’m Nye btw - and you can see my other art projects here


I did a spontaneous transmission earlier today, had some problems with the doppler control that should be fixed by now. I just scheduled a few known good stations, so anyone can try to use these to get the image out.
Scheduled 2020-12-05
The wiki isn’t finished yet, but the step you need after getting it tuned in gqrx is to install some sstv decoder software and have it listen to the sound output (you probably need to adjust the mixer and settings).


Hi everyone and thanks for the mention in the 2022 Highlights News article @Nikoletta :sparkles:

My art project is called CU Soon and we will soon be starting transmission of the images (postcards for the satellite) which will be used in my forthcoming art exhibition. Big thanks to @SA2KNG who will be doing the actual transmission.

Details will be posted here as soon as we have some timings sorted. Then anyone who wants can either schedule an observation or extract an image from the SatNOGS data.


Thanks for the update @newyearseve


Here’s the exhibition that I’m going to be showing this project in Coming soon: VERTIGO


@sa2kng has done some SSTV image transmissions for my art project - you can see the observations here:

If you’d like to decode my SSTV images:

If you share your SSTV wav files with me then I’ll include as many images as I can in my exhibition.


Hey everyone. I thought I should share some images of the art installation I created using data from the SatNOGS network. The artwork is called ‘CU Soon’ and is part of my solo show ‘Vertigo’, on until Sept in the UK.

I created a series of postcards for satellites, which were transmitted into space using SSTV by @SA2KNG. The receiving satellites broadcast the signals back down to Earth where they were picked up on the SatNOGS network and then decoded back into images.

Each one of these responses is a new unique image. The original postcard is changed and remade - transformed by the touch of the satellite and the noise and glitches acquired during the image’s epic journey into space and back.

The installation focuses on the experience of receiving and decoding the postcard images sent back from the satellites, so that the audience can share in that sense of revelation and perhaps the disembodied presence of the distant satellites. There is a great soundtrack based on radio noise and the SSTV decoding audio as well. And there are even some lightboxes made from waterfall images of the transmissions.

More info on my website if you’re interested.

Thanks also to @jebba for getting the whole thing started.


Thank you for sharing these with the Community @newyearseve.

I will share these on our Social too.



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Dear @newyearseve,

very, very nice and impressive!

My best of regards,

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thanks @vars !