New Satellite db Suggestion: Analytical Space, Inc - RADIX

Hi all,

RADIX was part of the July, 13 2018 CubeSat deployment from ISS. We’d like to see if it’s possible to add us to your community.

We’ve been using NORAD ID 43550 (unclaimed for a bit longer) and operate primarily at 401.3MHz UHF GMSK9k6. We up the baud sometimes, but typically reset it back to 9600. We’ve been getting pretty steady data even at lower elevations over our own ground stations, so we believe many community ground stations could get some good data.

We’re new to SatNOGS/Libre Space so please let us know if you need anything else to get us added!

-Anthony C
Software, ASI

Hello @anthonygclark and welcome to our community!

I would like to ask a couple of questions regarding your request:

  • Is RADIX a commercial for-profit project/satellite ?
  • Do you have the encoding scheme for your transmitter somewhere online? (Modulation being GMSK9k6 we can end up with raw bytes using our demodulating flowgraphs)
  • Can you point us to your freq coordination document? 401.3 MHz is allocated for Meteorological satellites AFAIK. Is that your usecase?

Thanks a lot in advance for all the info!

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Thanks for the reply! Our business is revolved around our upcoming data relay service. But, RADIX is our beta-testing satellite and we will probably not be collecting revenue from it - if that changes, I’ll inform you guys. I’ll work on getting you more info about our transmitter. We’re don’t do meteorological operations, 401.3MHz is only what our beacon transmitter is operating at.

I’m a bit uneducated on the licensing side, is there a specific document you need to look at? FCC approval, etc? I’m sure if it’s public, I can forward it along.

Edit: RADIX is a 6U data relay cubesat built out of Cambridge MA by myself and our team at Analytical Space, Inc. Here is a small press release: