New receiver SDRPlay duo or HackRF One

I am considering a new receiver to replace my no-name rtl-sdr dongle and was trying to decide between these two. Any preferences.

I know the HackRF One will work out of the box where the SDRPlaydx will take some work to configure.

I think the specifications (not looking to argue) are better on the SDRPlay but there is the ability for TX on the HackRF One.

Any thoughts?

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(Of course, if the app supported both receivers of the Duo or a USRP, the balance would be a little different). HI GL 73

Yea, that would be really nice to have dual receivers working. Maybe future enhancement?

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If you want a station that has reasonable receive performance: SDRPlay (Iā€™m running a RSPdx)

If you want to be able to transmit, but will accept pretty poor receiver performance: HackRF