New Network Releases: 0.9 and 1.0

We are trying to do quicker releases, so that new features land to production faster. We just pushed to production, so this update refers to the two last releases, just to give an quick overview of the most important things.

In any case, we maintain a Changelog, but here is the list with most important and visible changes:

  • Add redis support, for caching most intensive views
  • Add station information on Data API endpoint, so we can keep that info on DB too
  • Add max freq range to Antennas
  • Add polar plot on upcoming observations
  • Filter out upcoming passes depending on missing frequency capabilities
  • Add option for deleting empty observations, for moderators
  • Rearrange data view in observation view with tabs
  • Add spectrogram generation on audio tab

Overall these two release contained 73 commits, (lines of code: 1770 additions, 532 deletions).