New Network Release

Today we deployed on production our latest Network release. This comes with many bug fixes and new features.

Most important ones:

  • Hide satellites with no transmitters from the ‘New Observation’ view.
  • Success rate for Ground Stations.
  • Allow observer to delete a Scheduled Observation. There is a safe switch here that prevents you from deleting an observation that it’s a few minutes away from executing.
  • Allow user to delete a Ground Station.
  • Add initialize command to help developers run a local instance quickly. See documentation for more.
  • Add Discussion button on Observations. This redirects here on Community and prompts the user to start a new topic with prefilled Observation metadata and categorized under the newly created Observation category. If a topic for this Observation is already active, user is redirected there.
  • Exclude overlapped observation windows while scheduling Observations. This a long awaited feature. and still experimental. Although it has been tested during development, we need more Ground Stations on the Network to ensure it works properly.

For more, check out the Changelog or the git log.


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