New Here and trying to build a V2 system on a RPi

Hello All, name is David. I live in Tickfaw, Louisiana and I am an amateur radio operator call sign KA5TTZ. I trying to build the rotor and the controller using a Raspberry Pi. I found the step by step on how to load it but I need the following 1) your ground station ID number, 2) your API key. Could someone please show me where I can get this. I got my 3D printer and starting to print the items I need out. I am building a V2 for now. The problem there is 1" PVC is a little too big so I had to shave the center out. How can I redo the opening to fit a 1"pvc.

Hey David,

You can start in where you can add your ground station and get your API key. In your profile page (the page when you log in), you will find both of them.

When you think that your station is ready and it is stable you can move it to production network

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Thanks Fredy.
Have you or anyone had issues running PPM using GSM 850. I was able to installed everything in the step by step instruction on raspberry pi. When I ran the GSM 850 I got back no results to run the calibration on my SDR.