New GroundStation not showing online

I have setup my raspberry pi by following

Configured on dev network VanHome #114.

It looks like the software is checking in, but not showing online.

What could be wrong?

Resolved by marking it online through our admin interface.

Thank you, this was me who was blind :slight_smile:


What was the resolution to this? I have one in Dev Desert Rat #118 that isn’t showing online.
No errors show up when running Satnogs-client

From what I can see it looks like the client is not logging in.

Have you checked the your .env file for the correct details?

export SATNOGS_API_TOKEN="1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234"
export SATNOGS_STATION_LAT="40.662"
export SATNOGS_STATION_LON="23.337"

Just replace the API_TOKEN with yours from the network dev site. and the station information with your details.

Could it maybe be firewall on your side?

Well I ruled out firewall because from my Pi I can ping,
and I verified my .env file.

When I build the client side, I did Touch Satnogs.env , and then Nano the export data above.

Did I miss something when I did Touch Satnogs.env? I even sourced it as well.

The filename for me is ~/.env not ~/Satnogs.env

So theoretically (because I didn’t, couldn’t see a ~/.env)
I should be able to Touch ~/.env and edit accordingly…right?


or just

mv Satnogs.env ~/.env

let me try that, I’ll let you all know
how it goes :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look like it came up.
I did mv Satnogs.env ~/.env and rebooted, and it’s still showing up offline . I re-did the source ~/.env to be safe prior to rebooting.

Well that was weird, post reboot the ~/.env file didn’t exist. I just rebuild it and didn’t need to reboot anything.

Still offline :frowning:

I suggest going on the irc channel and come chat to some people about your problem.