New EntrySat Cubesat



You can switch on RED-EYE n° NORAD 44364 too . it is working.


Thanks, I’ve changed it in network.


I can manually decode 3 packets from using sm_other/G3RUH-BPSK-9K6/soundmodem.exe where satnogsclient got nothing. Raw IQ uploaded to: 16b signed int.

Edit: using USB with carrier 9600 below center.


Thanks for the IQ file, @surligas @Sleepwalker can you take a look! Thanks!


Maybe just too weak - this obs got one
hs_soundmodem got 3 out of it.


See my earlier post about the TLEs of recent ISS deployments: New satellite: Światowid

EntrySAT appears to be 44428, 44429 or 44430. We’re using 44429 on the network and will check in the coming days how well it works.


NORAD ID of ENtrySAT is 44431