New Encoder BOM

I cannot find any details of the capacitor or resistor values for the new encoder board (see image).

I have the AS5040 chip, but I cannot find a BOM or schematic for the other components.

I am using DC motors, so I need this encoder.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a schematic or BOM?


@azisi has done a very good job, documenting everything at There is a BOM and the Kicad project of the encoder.


To second what @surligas just wrote: Specifically have a look at the releases of satnogs-rotator-controller-encoder. There you can also find a nice InteractiveHTMLBOM called SatNOGS-Rotator-Controller-Encoder-ibom.html which is great during assembly.

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Thanks for the replies. I guess my question is that in the image below from the build sequence ( shows the new version of the DC motor encoder. The image from my first post shows a new encoder board based on the AS5040 chip. The image below shows the prototype board mounted above the DC motor drive axis. I have the board and the associated 5040 chip. The problem is that I don’t have a schematic to figure out the component values, nor do I have an stl file for the bracket to hold the board as shown below.

I am wondering if I should abandon this route, get the old 5601 encoder and the old encoder board and go that way, versus using the items I now have.

I am guessing that it will not be straight forward as to how I can connect the new encoder board to the existing Satnogs Controller?

Any suggestions as to how to proceed?

New Encoder

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Hey! The DC motor encoder (AS5040) that you use isn’t released and the ohai - assembly guide never updated, sorry about this confusion. The released version of encoder is this with AS5601 IC. In wiki - SatNOGS Rotator Controller: Encoders and wiki - SatNOGS Rotator v3:Assembly you can find all the parts which are needed for the encoder.