New build of rotator v3?

I’m considering to embark on a build of v3 of the rotator project. Some years ago, I started work on DIY AZ/EL Antenna rotator for under 150€ |, but abandoned that project due to lack of documentation (and COVID). The SaTNOGS project seems very much similar, and I still have many of the parts still in-house.

I have two concerns I would like to get resolved before I begin on this:

  1. Is this project still actively maintained, developed, and supported? The fora seem a little light.

  2. The most obvious difference between the hardware used in the project is the used of NEMA17 stepper motors instead of the NEMA23 ones that I have in the house.

With the build instructions as they exist today, will the NEMA23 form factor fit here, or should I just go ahead and pick up alternatives? If so, would the DC motor be preferable over the stepper motor?

Looking forward to your thoughts!


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