New Antenna Type for Stations

Hello SatNOGS team, can you please add two new antenna types? They are a VHF Quadrifilar Helical 100-150 MHz and a UFH Quadrifilar Helical 420-460 MHz. Thanks!

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  • UHF - quadrafilar - 420000000 - 460000000
  • VHF - quadrafilar - 100000000 - 150000000
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great stuff Fredy! :slight_smile:


Re-using this thread so I don’t open another one for same request.

I have a base scanner antenna, designed for VHF UHF operation. Range is from 108 - 480 MHz. Can you add that one too? I can provide more info if necessary. Thanks!

As I wrote here, the antenna types are currently hardcoded, it may take some time to add it. I’ll try to add it as soon as possible. Until then feel free to use a similar one, maybe dipole one.


Excellent, thank you. Great to see you’re already planning new ways of adding antennas!

I’ve already set HF dipole as a test :slight_smile: