Add 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna?

Hello, SatNOGS team.
I would like to suggest 2 new antennas. They are easy to build, popular “portable” antennas.
UHF - Ground plane - 42500000000 - 450000000
VHF - Ground plane - 130000000 - 16000000000
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m beginning to wonder if the huge list of antennas is getting a bit out of hand?

Perhaps it’s a better approach to allow the user to select a valid frequency range on their own (instead of having to have yet another antenna entry created), and then either provide a textual description of the antenna type, or select options from a list?


Indeed there are two issues open for changing the current way we add antennas.

The first one that needs fix is that antenna type is hardcoded value in code, so the plan is to be transferred into db, so no need for changes in code for adding new antenna type.

The second one is to leave free the frequencies to users.

Hopefully they will be fixed soon!

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Oops forgot to say that antennas are added!