New 3.01 Build Rotator - Imperial Questions Tips

So i’ve decided to build one of these rotators, I’m working on printing the 3D parts for the US (Imperial) so far so good.

I heard the worse part to print was the worm gear but I think I did pretty well on that, my problem was with the spacers. Gonna have to change my nozzle to a .02mm in order to print the imperial collar / spacer for it to print correctly.

So I plan on using stepper motors (since I already have a couple) but I guess I’m confused if I need the Encoders listed in the documentation (AS5040 or AS5601) are both of those encoders just for DC? What’s the difference between the two?

Does anyone have any tips regarding the v3.01 and best places to get the parts for the US?

Really nice prints.

I am just looking at parts for the 3.01 Imperial build. So far for the aluminum
extrusion rotor frame parts I have looked at Misumi or 80/20 Inc. They will cut
the material to size. I just wish their was a cheaper way to bolt the frame together.
The fasteners appear to be about 6.00 dollars each.

Mike Hoblinski

8020 frame is 5mm instead of normal 6mm, see post here about issues. Think I’m going to get it from Misumi. Believe the total cost is around $95.00 but I haven’t double checked my figures.

The first link above also has the hidden corner connections from aliexpress that should fit the normal frame.

Also a good place for the metric nuts, bolts, etc is that way you dont have to buy bags of un-needed parts. Can purchase by the individual component. I think for all the metric stuff they have available is only costing around $20.00

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten, I’m still in the process of printing parts and putting together a spreadsheet of where to get remainder.

Thanks for the info on the 8020 extrusion. I will have to look into the hidden corner connectors
from Ali-express. The hardware seems readily available from many sources on eBay. I am still
looking over the rest of the project. I am also working on a 3D printer build for myself but may
end up having the worm gears printed from an online source.

Mike Hoblinski

Yeah I built a Hictop kit not too long ago, added lots of mods like auto bed leveling, anti z wobble, updated firmware, etc. Took me months just to get everything homed in to print nice looking parts.

Got all the parts printed and the imperial collars are looking nice!

Can someone verify what are the AS5040 or AS5601 encoders for and what’s the difference between the two? Are those for DC Motors? If I’m doing stepper motors, I just need the main controller and the endstops correct?

@cshields can you shed some light on things? I know you built a US / Imperial version.

Sometimes I get the feeling nobody looks at these forums anymore…

I think it’s just many team members are busy right now with work and life stuff. I know Corey has been away for weeks.

I read the posts almost every day but I am not familiar with the construction and can’t help, sorry.

Hey Jason,

Yeah, I’ve been away traveling for work a bit, sorry.

The collars you printed look great - hell of a lot better than mine were (they ended up not being a full circle but a dashed line). Still worked in the end.

When I did my v3 I used the stepper motor setup. Are you already in progress for doing the DC motors? I may have some spare PCBs for steppers. Could mail them to you, or I may be heading your way on 8/21 for the eclipse… heh

In fact, as I look at your prints you have the end stops printed, I think this may be an issue of documentation going half a step further for DC motors and those encoders but not being complete there. @pierros ?

If you are interested in the stepper route I can probably get you going quickly.

Like I mentioned in the thread you referenced, the 8020 pieces are crazy expensive here, hence aliexpress and a dremel for some of that stuff.

-Corey KB9JHU

Actually going the stepper route. Yes I live in eclipseville aka hopkinsville ky.

That’s why I wondering if I need those encoders. Stepper route just requires the endstops and controller board correct?

Some pcbs would be great!

I’ll see what I have when I get home - pretty sure I’m out of the endstop PCBs so you might need to get those made. Yeah, controller board with the arduino, 2 stepper controllers, and those endstop PCBs. I also made the PDU board at the time just so I have a nice and easy way of handling 12v, 5v, and USB power from the 12v source. I may have one of those too.

Sounds good let me know. Hey you know of any company that can cut the rain cover pieces? How did you do yours? I don’t have access to a cnc machine unfortunately

A lot of hackerspaces are getting in to lasers and can cut acrylic.

I have 2 endstop PCBs, a v1.2 controller PCB, and a v1 PDU PCB to send you. You good in QRZ?

(anyone else following the thread I have a few more spare controller PCBs and PDU PCBs, but out of endstop PCBs)

Roger that, address in qrz is correct appreciate the pcbs! Got any v3 build tips?