Network Release 0.6

Hi everyone,

We just deployed on production our latest Network release.

Except from fixing bugs and UI improvements this release comes with some great features.

Most major ones:

  1. Next satellites passes on each Station. Kudos to @cshields for coding this. You can now browse to any Station and see which satellites are about to pass its horizon. See how this looks on this station. Next step is to be able to schedule an observation directly from this page.

  2. Keep TLE historical data. We tweaked our backend logic so we can now store all TLEs and update them only when they change. This will give us the opportunity in the future to do analysis and design metrics. The immediate benefit of this new feature is that when you are about to schdule a new observation you can see how long ago the TLE that will be used was issued.

  3. Show TLEs used on Observations. From now on all observations will display the specific TLE that was used. You can see an example at the bottom of this observation.


To make easier for people to start contributing, we identify issues that we think are a good starting point for getting familiar with the coding base. We mark these issues with the Easyfix label. Read our documentation for getting started.