Network-Client job request process

The linked document has some thoughts about an addition to the process of scheduling jobs between the Network and Client. In short, add a request phase where the other party must issue an accept response in order for a job to be considered scheduled.

or document source on GitHub

As explained there, I think something like the proposal is important to realizing the SatNOGS goal of promoting open access to space technologies.


I’ve been working on a simulator for evaluating various ways of deciding which passes to schedule. It starts with all possible passes from a set of ground stations and satellites. Then the hard part of determining which passes to schedule. Finally some utilities to summarize the set of scheduled jobs.

It started with a student project last summer to begin building the first and third parts. This summer I am cleaning up that work and starting to dig into the pass selection parts. The simulator allows setting Client priorities on an individual basis, and Networks to make requests by their own methods also.

After the simulator work is a little more stable, I plan to work on the changes to the Network and Client code to demonstrate how the interactions would work in the SatNOGS system. My Django isn’t so hot, but that just gives me an excuse for learning a new thing :slight_smile:

I am @etihwnad in the #satnogs channel and most other places, @whiteaudio or @ValpoWIREDlab on Twitter. Comments and discussion are welcome!


Interesting! This is neat!

@danwhite oh man, you missed a very relevant and interesting conversation at hamvention this year… I think @pierros owes us a post about some proposed ideas there, many of which build on your proposal! :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to hearing those ideas @pierros!

Knew I’d miss out on good conversations at Hamvention, they’re the best part. Just not in the cards this year… perhaps I’ll use a stacked deck next time :slight_smile: